Ben & Sammie

On Saturday evening during the Grand Prix, we got to meet one of the most amazing little boys, Ben. Ben is blind, but was SOOOO excited to be at the show! Even though he could not see what was going on, he was cheering on the riders and whooping and hollering louder than most everyone else.

Ben really wanted to meet a horse and Vantage Point Farm, LLC was kind enough to let him meet their superstar, Sammie. (You may remember him as one of the 2018 Horse of Pin Oak.)

It’s the little things like this, that remind us what the show is all about. Thank you to Candlelighters Houston for introducing us to this incredible little boy and his family.

Pin Oak is proud to support Texas Children’s Hospital & Candlelighters Houston!

The generosity of your sponsorships, donations and Pin Oak Boutique purchases go to helping support these families. Thank you!