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Pin Oak 2018 Vendor Spotlight

Vendors of The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show Katy,TX


Vendors of The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show Katy,TX

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Lets be honest.

Shopping at horse shows can be absolutely dangerous.

These stores have so many cute things that I need in my life…and I only just glanced through a few of them the other day!

I wanted to give everyone a run down on some of the amazing vendors you can find at the 2018 Pin Oak Charity Horse show.

The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show is the perfect place for equestrians and horse lovers in the Houston area to shop.

For the ease of finding everyone I will start with everyone that is on the main “vendor row” starting furthest away from the Coffee Shop.

If you are a vendor at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show and you want to have anything added to your information you can email me at with the information you would like to include. 

Luxe Eq

Luxe Eq has a huge selection of equestrian attire from some of the top brands that are hard to find including Asmar Equestrian, Cavalleria Toscana, Winston Equestrain, and so many more. They also have an amazing selection of sale items right now, I even picked up an incredibly gorgeous sweater on the first day of the show. Luxe Eq also provided items from Trapp’s Equestrian look for the Faces of Pin Oak shoot.

Showtime Couture

Showtime Couture has both equestrian attire and the most amazing equestrian decor items. If you are looking for the perfect gift for an equestrian life head over to these ladies and I am certain you will find something perfect for them!

Opal R Helm

“An effortlessly chic collection of small, timeless leather bags and accessories inspired by Texas heritage and saddlery craftsmanship.” You have got to stop by and check out these bags, they are absolutely beautiful, and the best part is that they come in so many different beautiful colors, and the inside of the bags are as beautiful as the outside…and soft. Oh, and the story of how Jennifer got started creating these one of a kind bags is amazing.

Clare Christine 

“Clare Christie is an artist whose work concentrates on the harmony of Movement and line to capture the energy of the horse. A native of Austin Texas, her work reflects her years  in the saddle training hunter and jumper horses and teaching others to ride. Her time spent around the animals did more than give her a strong sense of  the anatomy of the horse, it taught  her to capture their physical strength and  subtle body language.” Clare’s work is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, her horse’s features are so life like and just will take your breath away. Life goal #2343224398: Have a custom commissioned sculpture from Clare of each of my horses.

Bluebonnet Feeds

A quick stop in at Bluebonnet Feeds is a must for any horse owner at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. These ladies can help you make sure you are providing your athlete with the proper nutrition they need. Just a few minutes spent chatting with them made me realize so many thing about feeding my horses that I was not aware of before. It was such an eye opening experience and I highly recommend stopping by and learning more about how their feeds are different than what you are already feeing your horse.

Ronald Raven Designs

What horse person doesn’t love the perfect equestrian accessory, Ronald Raven Designs offers a selection of jewelry perfect for the equestrian. I think a little piece of jewelry would be the perfect way to celebrate your accomplishments after a long week at the horse show.


A quick trip around the show ground and you will see at least 1 or maybe 5 people sporting Antares gear. Antarès Sellier was established in 2000 by five equestrian professionals with the objective to create a unique saddle custom fit to meet a rider’s needs.  Antarès Sellier is among the top saddle makers in the world with over 35 craftsman specializing in bridlery, harness making and saddlery design, producing more than 3000 saddles every year.  The originality, vivacity and creativity of Antarès has significantly raised the benchmark for saddle making and has set the ”gold standard” of the profession today.

Exceptional Equestrian

Exceptional Equestrian is an Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique. They have a large selection of equestrian attire for both showing and everyday wear. They have brands like Equaline, Fior Da Liso, and so many more. They also provided some of the looks for our Faces of Pin Oak Styled Shoot including Keely’s Red Tailored Sportsman Breeches, Blue Belt, and both Sydney & Keely’s silk scarfs.

Bravos Valley Equine

Brazos Valley Equine is all set up ready for any of the exhibitors needs during the show. How great is it to be able to walk right over and have anything and everything you could need for your horse’s health and medical needs.


“Innovative and decidedly chic, Voltaire Design specializes in upscale custom saddles. Recognizable by our blue striped gullet, Voltaire Design saddles are made in France with the finest French leathers and are infinitely customizable.”

Dynamic Spine

Because every horse show is full of equestrians who have been injured, thrown, or just had their bodies hurt from riding, every horse show needs a Chiropractor. “Dynamic Spine and Performance (DSP) specializes in sports injury and performance, family chiropractic care and treats all levels of injury by providing all natural, non-invasive pain management, chiropractic, therapeutic exercises, physical therapy and whole body wellness to get you back to doing what you love, try to avoid surgery, prevent future injury and perform at your best as fast as possible. “

Bruno Delgrange

“Limited number of saddles per year. Each piece is perfected to the smallest detail, like an objet d’art. Combining a high level of performance with aesthetic quality, they are the result of continuous development, naturally drawing upon Bruno Delgrange’s experience both in the saddlery trade and as a rider. To complete your requirements as a demanding rider, Bruno Delgrange offers a range of bridles and accessories made from natural leather in accordance with the same philosophy.”

Quail Hollow

Quail Hollow Tack is the go to place for any of your needs during the horse show from tack to grooming supplies, and pretty much anything else you may need. They have a store in Flower Mound and the mobile store that travels to horse shows. I remember going to Quail Hollow as a little girl and shopping, they have been around for year. You can also see the jump crew sporting the Quail Hollow Tack logo on their shirts at the show!

Keely McIntosh, 2018 Face of Pin Oak

Keely McIntosh

2017 U25 Grand Prix Champion

“There is not a moment in my life where I remember being without a horse.”

Keely’s mother, Jenny Booth of Booth Show Jumpers, used to take her on trail rides for naptime and have Keely sit in front of her on an old quarter horse mare named ‘Fanny’, a pretty flee bitten grey. At age 5, Keely began riding Fanny and Jenny rode Fanny’s daughter, a bright chestnut mare named ‘Beebers’. “This is what childhood was like for me, trial riding through the forest and taking naps on the backs of our horses,” said Keely.

“Twenty years down the road and I am truly blessed to compete in the Grand Prixs, U25 Grand Prixs, Derbies, and Amateur divisions all over the country. I have come a long way since trail rides and nap time on Fanny and Beebers. Even though life with the horses has altered dramatically since I was a child, my love for the sport and the animals remains the same. I have a competitive nature. I love showing and competing, but I ride for the connection I build with my horses. That is something I have never been without and something that I could never see myself giving up. This connection is what keeps you going through tough days and difficult times in life.”

Keely has been attending at Pin Oak since she was in elementary school. She said she remembers lying in bed and praying to God every night that one day she would be able to compete in the Pin Oak Grand Prix. She has since made that dream a reality! “The best part about the horse show is being able to see those dreams of young riders come true just as mine did. It is the perfect places for people to come and see the riders’ passion and Pin Oak’s hospitality, and be a part of the experience. I cannot wait to see how the continual improvements to the show will positively affect the support given to Texas Children’s Hospital.”

So Live Helau (Sulli)

Selle Français, 12 years old

Sulli and Keely compete in show jumping, and won the Pin Oak U25 Grand Prix, second in the $50,000 Grand Prix in Ocala in February. They have also won and placed in several U25 Grand Prixs, open Grand Prixs, and High classics.

Keely’s favorite story is how she met Sulli. One day, Keely’s mother got a call from world renowned jumper McLain Ward, saying he had a horse Jenny might be interested in. Her mother declined, as the family’s barn was full at the time.

“During that year, two separate people rode him and tried to buy him,” she said. “That was when the accident happened. He was walking through a stall with a giant metal pin sticking out. It got caught on his side and tore him open as he ran through the gate. It took several stitches and months of rehabilitation until he was able to be ridden again.

“At this this time, I was looking for a new horse. Guess who was still available? Because of his scar, Sulli was still available and I was the first person to try him since the accident. All of the pieces fell into place in order to bring this horse into my life. I will always be so grateful.”

Because of his injury, Sulli took some time to build confidence and trust with Keely, but she remembers it being clear from the beginning they were made for each other.

These days, Keely and Sulli’s relationship is incredibly strong (aided by his favorite treat: Mrs. Pastures horse cookies).

“This horse’s talent is truly limitless with as big of a heart he has. My favorite part about riding horses is the relationship you build with them. Sulli is no exception,” said Keely, who thinks of Sulli as her soulmate. “The bond built with him is one of the strongest I’ve known to this day.”

Sulli’s story originally published on Karinda K. Equine Photography’s “365 Days of Horses”

EQUESTRIAN LOOK – Exceptional Equestrian, Breeches, Shirt, Belt and Scarf | Elaine Turner, Earrings | The Polished Rider, Bracelet

EVENING LOOK – Yoana Baraschi, Cocktail Dress | The Texas Silver Rush, Jewelry | French Connection, Shoes

The Official Photographer of The Faces of Pin Oak

Trapp O’Neal, 2018 Face of Pin Oak

Trapp O’Neal

2017 Hildebrand Fund Grand Prix Champion

Trapp O’Neal, owner and trainer at TKO Sporthorses, has been riding since he was 6 years old and has moved up through the ranks to the Grand Prix level.

“I started TKO Sporthorses 8 years ago and serve the greater Houston area, while showing extensively all over the country.  I was able to build my own facility within the last couple years and have my wonderful clients to thank for their continued support in that endeavor.”

Trapp and 14-year-old Holsteiner gelding, Capitano, are two-time Pin Oak Grand Prix Champions. After last year’s win, Trapp told Equine Journal, “I love the atmosphere and the crowd. Any time you can have this type of environment and this type of energy in the ring is just great. The riders and horses feed off of it. It’s fun to ride at this horse show.”

Fastrelko (Kid)

Dutch Warm Blood, 8 years old

Kid is a handful! He loves attention, but you would never know because his ears are always back. He is an escape artist and you will find him out of his stall, just hanging out in the barn.

Garo Kazan imported Kid as a 5-year-old and was then purchased by the Meyer family. At that time, Kid had never competed. Sarah Meyer said she loves Kid because he has the biggest heart and will give it his all for you in the ring.

This young horse has been making quite a name for him and is definitely one to watch. “I have been lucky enough to develop him over the last 3 years into this horse he is today,” said Trapp. He was second last year in the Joker Class, won his first 1.45 in Colorado and was in the 6-year-old finals.

EQUESTRIAN LOOK – Luxe EQ, Breeches and Shirt | E.F. Meeks, Tie

EVENING LOOK – Festari For Men, Suit | E.F. Meeks, Bowtie and Pocket Square

The Official Photographer of The Faces of Pin Oak

Sydney Young, 2018 Face of Pin Oak

Sydney Young

2017 Saddle Seat Equitation Champion

“What I love most about the sport has been constantly learning how to communicate with my equine partner without the understanding of a spoken language. The bond derived is stronger than anything I’ve ever known.”

Sydney has been riding for 13 years and competes in Saddle Seat with the American Saddlebred, with a passion for the equitation division.

“The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show has always been a wonderful start to the season for me and has been a place where I learn a lot as a rider while creating wonderful memories, which keeps me coming back each year. One of my proudest moments was winning the 2017 Pin Oak Saddle Seat Equitation Championship for the first time after competing in that class for 6 years.”

Sydney rides with Vantage Point Farm under the instruction of May Chadick and David Blevins and will be competing in Week One of Pin Oak.

Goodnight Sweet Dreams (Sammie)

American Saddlebred, 12 years old

Sammie is infamous for eating tack. Even if you think it’s not in reach, he’s chewing on it. Sammie has competed in everything from Saddle Seat Pleasure, Hunter Country Pleasure, to the Academy ranks. Towards the beginning of his career, Sammie won the Pin Oak Park Pleasure Championship amongst wins across the nation with May Chadick. Five years later with his new owner, Alexa Bernal, he was the Pin Oak Open Pleasure Champion.

EQUESTRIAN LOOK – Elaine Turner, Jacket & Shirt | Exceptional Equestrian, Scarf

EVENING LOOK — Renegade Bridal & Gala, Gown | The Texas Silver Rush, Jewelry

The Official Photographer of The Faces of Pin Oak

What To Wear: Sydney Young

The Faces of Pin Oak Featuring Sydney Young | American Saddlebred Saddleseat Equitation Champion

For Week 1 of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show I am super excited to introduce you to Sydney Young. Sydney was the Saddleseat Equitation Champion in 2017 and she has been a part of Pin Oak for years. Sydney shares that “One of my proudest moments was winning the Pin Oak Saddle Seat Equitation Championship last year for the first time…” Sydney rides with Vantage Point Farm under the instruction of May Chadick and David Blevins. For the Faces of Pin Oak shoot they brought over Goodnight Sweet Dreams, a 12 Year Old American Saddlebred Mare that is owned by Alexa Bernal.

I am super excited to get to see Sydney in action this year during the Saddlebred Show during Week 1 of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.

For Sydney’s Equestrian look she was sporting a gorgeous white button Carolyn Shirt with flared sleeves that was paired with the Tori Jacket in Tomato Tweed that was absolute perfection from Elaine Turner. We added some equestrian flair to her look with a Lilo scarf provided by Exceptional Equestrian. These pieces paired perfectly with Sydney’s Navy Breeches that had a subtle pin stripe accent. Sydney’s look was completed by a soft and subtle braid that was done by Love and Makeup Beauty.


Sydney was wearing one of my absolute favorite dresses for her Black Tie Look. Her gold sequin dress is a one of a kind dress from Renegade Bridal & Gala, a Houston based custom dress designer. I actually purchased this dress from Natalie because I adore this dress so much and knew that my clients would all love getting to wear it for their pictures. Her look was completed by adding a simple cuff bracelet from Texas Silver Rush in Fredricksburg,TX.


2018 Faces of Pin Oak

2018 Face of Pin Oak

A special collaboration with Karinda K. Equine Photography

Meet the riders in the 2018 Pin Oak Program!

Syndey Young of Vantage Point Farm,
Trapp O’Neal of TKO Sporthorses &
Kelly McIntosh of Booth Show Jumpers

Equestrian Looks: E.F. Meeks, Elaine Turner, Exceptional Equestrian, Luxe EQ & The Polished Rider

Evening Looks: Festari For Men, E.F. Meeks, Renegade Bridal,  Rent The Runway & The Texas Silver Rush