The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show is a multi-faceted event whose participants, competitors and visitors alike, are drawn from many highly lucrative target markets. As a Pin Oak Corporate Sponsor, your brand is presented to those markets in a very visible and beneficial way.

Click on the image below to see view a breakdown of the demographics you can expect to reach through sponsorship of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.

The Equestrian/Horse Enthusiast

Equestrian/horse enthusiasts constitute a good portion of our spectator makeup and represent the ideal market for high-quality products and services.  Other factors, including age and profession, make them a perfect target audience for corporations seeking an upscale market.  Research compiled from USEF offers these indicators of the buying power and influence held by horse sports enthusiasts:

  • 85% are female
  • 63% are married
  • Majority is between 35 and 54 years of age
  • 66% have a college degree or better
  • 56% are employed full time
  • 38% have a net annual income of over $500,000
  • Nearly half have an annual income of over $100,000
  • 40% live on a farm
  • 63% have traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds in the last year
  • Market value of their average home at $594,000 and 22% own two or more homes
  • 94% own a pet besides a horse or pony
  • 43% take more than 16 airline trips a year

(Source: United States Equestrian Federation)

“The show attracts an affluent audience and a tight-knit community of participants, all passionate about this sport.  Also, your employees and clients enjoy valuable relationship-building time in a unique and casual atmosphere at the horse show and other Pin Oak- associated events.”
Rick Terry

The Riders/Owners/Trainers

  • 68% (1,097) are from Texas
  • 30% (500) are from outside of Texas
  • 2% (26) are from Mexico
  • Under 1% (2) are from Canada
  • 26 US states represented the “outside of Texas” group
  • We had a total of 1,602 horses in the following categories:
    • 57% (908) were Hunters
    • 24% (375) were Jumpers
    • 11% (161) were American Saddlebreds
    • 4% (58) were Andalusians
    • 3% (38) were United Mountain Horses
    • 1% (22) were Welsh Ponies

(Source: Pin Oak Charity Horse Show Data)

The Houston and Surrounding Area General Audience

  • The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show is well-known in the Houston community, founded in 1945 by renowned Houston philanthropist, J.S. Abercrombie.
  • We estimate over 10,000 people come to the show in the two week period.
  • Many originate from the Katy area, a picturesque and affluent community where Great Southwest Equestrian Center located with a local population of 134,000.

The Social and Corporate Market

  • Since the beginning of Pin Oak, the event has had a reputation for being one of the top social events in the Houston community.  We have many ringside dinners, parties and sponsor events.
  • The Pin Oak Show has enjoyed strong corporate support from numerous sponsors over the years.
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