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Honored Heroes

Honored Heroes

Pin Oak partners with Texas Children’s Hospital to honor children who have overcome much medically and are on the road to wellness.

These particular children are selected by Texas Children’s and Pin Oak has the privilege to honor them each year at our show.  The Honored Heroes is one of our newer traditions and it is also one of our most treasured.  These children capture the essence of what it means to perservere and overcome things that most adults do not want to endure.  Thus, not only are these kids Pin Oak’s Honored Heroes, they are champions!

2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015 Honored Heroes coming soon!


2014 Honored Heroes

Samanta Bonilla – Week I, March 22nd
Samanta Bonilla was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a form of kidney cancer, at the age of four years old.  On Christmas Eve in 2012, her father discovered a lump protruding from the side of her stomach.  Her family soon learned that Samanta’s tumor was stage three and she needed immediate care.

Over the next few months, Samanta was treated at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.  She had surgery, and in the weeks that followed, she remained upbeat and positive.   Her mother, Karina, says Samanta is a girl’s girl who loves princesses and calls her a real fighter.

Luke Guerrero, Week II, March 29th
Almost one year ago, Luke Guerrero began to be consistently weak and pale.  Those early signs of something gone wrong led to a leukemia diagnosis.  Luke received treatment at both Texas Children’s Hospital main campus and West Campus and continues to be followed by his Texas Children’s pediatrician as well.


2013 Honored Heroes

Darian Jones – Week I Honored Hero
Darian Jones was born with sickle cell anemia, pulmonary hypertension and chronic lung disease. A third grader at Franz Elementary School, she has been fighting diseases all her life. She has been a patient at Texas Children’s Hospital about a dozen times for numerous procedures. Described by her mother as a “happy, sunny child,” Darian still receives bi-monthly blood transfusions at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. Darian’s mother says that Texan’s Children’s Hospital gives their daughter the quality of life they have always wanted for her.

Jackson Guillory – Week II Honored Hero
Jackson Guillory battles Hypogammaglobulinema, an immune deficiency disease caused by his body’s inability to produce antibodies to fight dangerous infections. Because even common colds can be hazardous, Jackson is home-schooled by his mother. Jackson’s parents appreciate having access to world-class medical care at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus, especially since his younger sister has just been diagnosed with the same disease. Jackson’s health has improved to the point that he now enjoys competing in children’s triathlons – an activity that was beyond his energy level prior to his treatment of monthly infusions of immunoglobulin at Texas Children’s Hospital.


2012 Honored Heroes

Robert Meier
Robert Meier encourages others on his weekly visits to Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus where he has received care since it opened last year. Prior to that, this 11-year-old hero braved multiple surgeries at the hospital’s Main Campus in the Texas Medical Center. Robert never complains and handles his exams each week with courage. In spite of ongoing health challenges, Robert enjoys the right things in life like puzzles and horses.

Myrte Beenen
Myrte Beenen has been a regular patient at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus where doctors diagnosed her with a rare disorder. Early detection saved her eyesight and set her on a path of treatment that has improved her quality of life. Myrte is both a tough and tender eight-year-old girl. Even while enduring great pain and adjusting to changes brought about by her condition, she believes healing is possible, enjoys life, and helps other people. Myrte is passionate about horses and assists her mom in caring for orphaned cats and dogs. This stellar student loves music, school and sports.


2011 Honored Heroes

Cole Cooper 
Cole Cooper was born almost four months early weighing 1 lb., 5 oz.  He spent five months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Due to the top notch care he received from Texas Children’s and the blessing of the Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms to ease the burden on his parents, Cole is now a happy, healthy 4 1/2 year old who loves preschool, playing, and of course horses.  His parent’s Susan and David Cooper serve on Texas Children’s Newborn Center Family Advisory Committee.

Luke Romero 
Luke Romero came to Texas Children’s at the age of 6 in an emergency room situation and continues under their care today at the age of 17.  Luke has bravely faced many medical challenges over these ten years and Texas Children’s Hospital has been with he and his mother every step of the way.  Luke serves at a member of Texas Children’s Advisory Board and his mother, Sylvia Elazondo, serves as a Texas Children’s Family Advisor.

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