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Request Media/Photographer Credentials

Media is welcome to attend Pin Oak with complimentary all access passes by contacting our office.

All photography and videography for individuals/professional barns must be purchased through our official show photographers and videographers. Anyone without media credentials will be asked to leave.

Media Credential Information

For Media Registration submit your Credential Application form and once approved you will be given access to the Great Southwest Equestrian Center showground and requested Pin Oak Charity Horse Show events. Qualified media can attend the Sponsor Club events and show at no charge.

Those deemed not qualified as media/press can still attend, but will not be able to report of photograph the event.

Credentials or complimentary tickets for spouses, friends, etc. of media representatives will not be provided. Individuals who attend an event with a credentialed media representative will be required to purchase a ticket.

Press Registration Policy

Working media approved by Pin Oak leadership may attend the event at no charge. To receive a complimentary Media Registration, media must be a qualified representative from one of the following news organizations:

  • Trade Publication
  • News Publication
  • Business Publication
  • Consumer Publication
  • Newspaper
  • Wire Service
  • Radio Station
  • Television Station

Generally, representatives of the media who qualify have the following titles:

  • Editor
  • Reporter
  • Editorial writer
  • Publisher
  • Associate Publisher
  • Photographer
  • Camera Crew

Verifying Credentials

Media must provide the following materials to the show management/staff in order to receive their Media Registration:

  • An unexpired press pass with photo – OR –
  • A listing on current masthead of a legitimate publication with matching driver’s license

Should a member of the media provide a driver’s license along with one of the following, a verifying phone call will be made to the individual’s organization:

  • Business card with editorial title
  • Press card issued by media organization
  • A letter from an editor, publisher or producer verifying the individual’s professional identity

The following DO NOT qualify:

  • Sales/Marketing personnel (sales managers, account executives, etc.)
  • Advertising/PR Agency personnel
  • Freelancers, unless they provide proof they are assigned to the event by and accredited news organization
  • Professional/Commercial photographers not working for an accredited news organization

Note: Media Badges will be held for pick-up at the Sponsors Club check-in desk during the event. Media are required to show verifying credentials in order to receive their Media Badge.  Great Southwest Equestrian Center / Pin Oak leadership are responsible for determining if individuals qualify for Media Registration.

For a media credentials application or more information, please contact Lauryn Sanford, Director of Sponsorship & Development at

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