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Pin Oak Trophies

Pin Oak Trophies

The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show is pleased to announce the winners of the Pin Oak Memorial and Perpetual trophies for 2013.

We apologize for any mistakes, please send an email to with any corrections.


Five Gaited Championship

Presented to Finest Hour Spent owned by Carol Bryce, ridden by Jack Magill

  Joann Bunde Perpetual Trophy

  Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Perwien Challenge Trophy

  Don Roby Memorial Trophy

  Josephine Abercrombie Perpetual Trophy

Five Gaited Amateur / Junior Championship

Presented to Zippers & Snaps, owned & ridden by Chuck O’Donnell

  Supreme Acres Perpetual Trophy

  Bluebonnet Farm Perpetual Trophy

  Sherry Frankel Perpetual Trophy

Five Gaited Show Pleasure Champion

Presented to CH Callaway’s Dream Big, owned & ridden by Ruth Lofthouse Abbott

  Mrs. John H. Nashke (Geroldine) Memorial Trophy

Three Gaited Championship

Presented to Attache’s Popeye, owned by Danny &  Kathy Cummins, ridden by Danny Cummins

  Lorence B. Hubbard Memorial Trophy

Three Gaited Show Pleasure Championship

Presented to Periaptus Infinitus, owned by Joans Horse Adventures, LLC, ridden by Joan Cantrell

  Patricia Pickens Barret Perpetual Trophy

Three Gaited Junior or Novice

Presented to First Class Blue, owned by Jackie Wahrmund, ridden by Ashley Walker

  Anne Mockley O’Shea Memorial Trophy

Three Gaited Amateur / Junior Exhibitor Champion

Presented to Pretty Well Charmed, owned by Joans Horse Adventures, LLC, ridden by Joan Cantrell

  Splash Down Perpetual Trophy

  George Roberts Memorial Trophy

Three Gaited Ladies

Presented to Pretty Well Charmed, owned by Joan’s Horse Adventures, LLC, ridden by Joan Cantrell

  Martha Moore Menard Trophy

Fine Harness Championship

Presented to Be Bop Boy owned by Edmund Perwien / Blubonnet Farms, driven by Sandra Currier

  Al Parker Memorial Trophy

  Glenview Farms Trophy

  Marjorie Frankel Memorial Trophy

Academy Performance Advanced Championship

Presented by Harlem’s Momma’s Boy, owned by Cindy Boel, ridden by Mallory Brown

  Shamrock Phi Guy Memorial Trophy

Roadster Horse to Bike Championship

NA for 2013

  Vince Wholey Memorial Trophy

Roadster Pony Championship

Presented to Albert Kaponey owned by Kevin Berman / Ada Perwien, ridden by Elly Berman

  Kingsley Bryman Memorial Trophy

Saddleseat Equitation Championship

Presented to Calloway’s Fox Jackson, owned & ridden by Anne Pateman

  Harold Adams Memorial Trophy

  Sue Roby Memorial Trophy

  Dorthy Dukes Ford Perpetual Trophy


Andalusian Native Tack and Attire Amateur

Presented to Amuleto VO owned & ridden by Linda Graham

  Isabel Delgado Fernandez Memorial Trophy


Working Equitation Advanced Competition

TIE – Presented to Cossaco, owned by Haras Dos Cavalieros, ridden by Tiago Ernesto & Presented to Adagio DC, owned by Haras Dos Cavalieros, ridden by Antonio Garcia

  Working Equitation Trophy


High Performance Champion

NA for 2013

  Madora and Neill Masterson Challenge Trophy

High Point Amateur Owner Hunter Rider 

Presented to Safari, owned and ridden by Alliy Moyer

  Zimmerman Memorial Trophy

High Point Junior Hunter Rider

Presented – TIE –  Kelsie Brittan & Abbygale Funk

  Jimmy Waterman Perpetual Trophy

High Point Pony Hunter Groom 

Presented to Bianca, owned by Michael Binder, groom Alejandro Pacheco

  Cockie High Point Pony Hunter Groom Trophy

High Point Pony Hunter

Presented to Bianca owned & ridden by Michael Binder

  Dr. Zeuss Perpetual Trophy

Adult Hunter Classic

Presented to Gretta, owned & ridden by Mindy Cortez

  My Tiara Trophy

Pin Oak Hunter Classic

Presented to TIE
Blue Moon, owned by Anne Hormel, ridden by Courtney Calcagnini Troubadour, owned by Jill Donaldson, ridden by Tammy Provost

  Neiman Marcus Trophy

International Hunter Derby

Presented to Triomph, owned by Loretta Patterson, ridden by Holly Shepard

  Valobra International Hunter Derby Perpetual Trophy

Grand Champion Hunter

Presented to Pearl Street, owned by Jamie Jarvis, ridden by Peter Pletcher

  Geste 100 Trophy

High A/O Jumper 

Presented to Lenardo, owned by Sherry Antherton, ridden by Victoria McNaughton

  West Belt National Bank Challenge Trophy

Children/Adult Jumper Classic

Presented to Skylark, owned by Johannis Deleyer, ridden by Andreas Deleyer

  Calaveras County Perpetual Trophy

Amateur Owner Jumper

Presented to Eddy Money, owned by Jenny Booth, ridden by Keely McIntosh

  Hole in One Memorial Trophy

Welcome Jumper Stake

Presented to NKH Selena,  owned by NKH, LLC, ridden by Christian Heineking

  John C.Cangelosi Jr. Challenge Trophy

High Point Grand Prix Owner

Presented to NKH Selena owned by NKH LLC

  Clayton Stone Perpetual Trophy

Pin Oak Grand Prix – Week I

Presented to Cookie Monster, owned by Wilhelm Genn, ridden by Ryan Genn

  Col. John Russell Perpetual Trophy

Pin Oak Grand Prix – Week II 

Presented to NKH Selena, owned by NKH LLC, ridden by Christian Heineking

  Uncle Sam Perpetual Trophy

Pin Oak Charity Horse Show Callenge Trophy

NA for 2013

Welcome Stake

Presented by MTM Southern Grace, owned by MTM Farm, ridden by Tracy Fenney

  Col. K.P. Darling Memorial Trophy

Modified Children’s Hunter Division Champion

Presented to Delavan, owned by Baskin Farm, ridden by Caroline Tuttle

  Missy Blackbird Memorial Trophy

High Junior Jumper Champion

Presented to Chakira, owned & ridden by Isabelle Terry

  Orlando De Hoyos Memorial Trophy

Horsemanship Award

NA for 2013

  Connie Reeves Perpetual Trophy

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